This gallery is an expression of the origin and of the present of all this process. The origin, because the importance of the collections I inherited determined my dedication to Figari’s work. The present, because it is a necessary and ideal showcase for my work.

         Over 12 years ago, with the house in full refurbishing, the word gallery and the idea of a gallery were a leading presence, even if I wasn’t sure of its mechanic. It could have even been commercial.

         The shape was determined by the plan of mi initial house, the successive addition of two others to form the actual premises, and two needs: to exhibit the paintings as has been the habit in my family (my grandmother hang 90 of them in her apartment), and to keep them out of the actual living quarters, for the sake of security, lighting and hygiene: filtered ventilation, and away from fumes of cooking, smoking or fireplaces.

         I believe I am able to show a variety of subjects: it is my obsession to underline that Figari painted almost everything, and the subjects are so many that no one show could possibly include all of them. Then, the selection needn’t be static, even if loans haven’t been that frequent.

         Since the first day, it has been available to unrestricted visitors, who only need to make a date.

                                                      Fernando Saavedra Faget.